What our customers are saying

"Easy payment schedules. approved in just minutes."  -  Juventino in Rowlett, TX Jul 2017
"the gentleman was very helpful,nice, and patient with me. Thank you for such great customer service."  -  Tangihaele in East palo alto, CA Jul 2017
"CFS made it very easy to take care of much needed repairs at the moment they were necessary! "  -  Angela in Dallas, TX Jul 2017
"Celeste was helping me, and she couldn't be anymore helpful, and very patience. was a pleasure working with her.."  -  Michael in Manchester, MD Jul 2017
"their easy to work with and you get to know really fast if your accepted"  -  Rose a in Kalamazoo, MI Jul 2017
"Great app process, but needed more loan value..."  -  Rickie in Detroit, MI Jul 2017
"Responsive customer service, quick approval, easy process, website much improved and user-friendly. I will definitely use CFS again in the future for auto repairs. Thank you!"  -  Christina in Parker, CO Jul 2017
"wish there was a option to select amount of financing needed when i only need to finance $400 for repair"  -  Anthony in Rochester, MN Jul 2017
"Love this as an option for auto repairs! Comes in handy ..."  -  Rita in Oklahoma city, OK Jul 2017
"Short and easy application with fast response! Thanks!"  -  Erma in Houston, TX Jul 2017
"They were a real lifesaver for our car expenses. "  -  Ronnie in Humble, TX Jul 2017
"Was great to have another option for major vehicle repairs."  -  Paul in Stillwater, OK Jun 2017
"Quick, easy, pain-free, approval in seconds!"  -  Deeana in Fort worth, TX Jun 2017
"If it wasn't for CFS, I wouldn't have been able to afford the much needed repairs on my car. My car is my primary transportation to work and is extremely valuable to me. Thank you CFS!!!"  -  Adrienna in Lauderhill, FL Jun 2017
"Loan process quick and easy, website is user friendly and efficient. I'm so glad CFS is available so I can keep my car in top shape! Thank you!"  -  Christina in Parker, CO Jun 2017
"Just what I needed at just the right time, thank you. "  -  Juan in Farmersville, TX Jun 2017
"Thank you CFS. You were there for me when I needed you!"  -  Andre in Reddick, FL Jun 2017
"They are great about reaching out and not being over bearing. I also appreciate them working with me through my medical emergency."  -  Kimberly in Houston, TX Jun 2017
"Never had a problem...excellent service!"  -  Melissa in Colorado springs, CO Jun 2017
"I was having problems at first, but now after correcting the problem everything went smoothly."  -  Aminata s in Brooklyn park, MN Jun 2017
"This is my first time using this, so far ok"  -  Ann in Mansfield, OH Jun 2017
"Straight forward, no hassle, easy to use the online and automatic payment method. And when the loan was paid off I didn't have to do anything to ensure the automatic payments were discontinued. "  -  Glen in Tacoma, WA Jun 2017
"Great option for auto repairs"  -  Rita in Oklahoma city, OK Jun 2017
"They helped me when no one else would. "  -  Robert in Fort collins , CO Jun 2017
"fast and easy process. thank you guys! "  -  Ana in Pueblo, CO Jun 2017
"Thank you for helping me!"  -  Adrianne in Florissant, MO May 2017
"Obtaining the loan was quick and easy. The payments are very reasonable and the entire process (application, approval, payments) is flawless. I am very pleased with my experience with CFS."  -  Timothy in Duncanville, TX May 2017
"Simple step's. Before you know it, your done!"  -  Carlos in San antonio, TX May 2017
"Simple, quick, convenient, effective."  -  Brian in Austin, TX May 2017
"The application process was quick and fast and pretty easy. "  -  Michael in Cypress, TX May 2017
"Very smooth application process and easy to coordinate with the service provider."  -  John in Naples, TX May 2017
"Great service and great care..thank you"  -  Monika in Metairie, LA May 2017
"soo cold at least supply more info...."  -  Keith in Baltimorebaltimore , MD May 2017
"Thank you for your patience during our recent rough patch, when we were waiting for my husband's pension to come in."  -  Kitty in Rice, TX May 2017
"I would love the ability to be able to pay via phone!"  -  Yolanda in Desoto, TX May 2017
"Thanks guys you are fantastic made it very easy to pay off loan"  -  Brian in Dallas, TX May 2017
"I have had very good experience dealing with CFS. The agents are courteous and informed. Feel comfortable dealing with problems. Thank You"  -  Muhammad in San antonio, TX May 2017
"Without this loan My car would have never been fixed. And being a single mother of two little babies having a working car to get to work is VITAL!!!!!! "  -  Crystal in Waxahachie, TX May 2017
"Wow amazing, very clean and simple."  -  Donna in Phoenix, AZ May 2017
"Good service and quick response by representatives. Thank you"  -  Michael robert in Spokane, WA May 2017
"This is my very first loan and first loan payment and so far I have not had any problems."  -  Glenyss in Manor, TX Apr 2017
"Easy to use website. I love the no interest conditions/terms. "  -  Jasmine in San antonio, TX Apr 2017
"So Happy this company exist, had nowhere to turn for emergency repairs, better than my own bank!"  -  Deborah in Dallas, TX Apr 2017
"Great website! Easy to use."  -  Billy r in Austin, TX Apr 2017
"Had problems for last 2 months with website, but now it's better than ever! Fast, easy to navigate, clear. Making payments is now as quick, easy, and seamless as getting your car repairs financed with CFS. Thanks!"  -  Christina in Parker, CO Apr 2017
"Pretty straight forward system, multiple ways of paying. Never had to contact support for anything, maybe i'll do that for my last payment. "  -  Zachary in South portland, ME Apr 2017
"Very reliable company. Courteous handling."  -  Muhammad in San antonio, TX Apr 2017
"Great company. A life saver!"  -  Mark in Garland, TX Apr 2017
"Super easy to log in and make a payment!! Very user-friendly!"  -  Paula in Ashland, NE Apr 2017
"Relationship has been smooth and trouble-free....provided a service when I really needed it."  -  Robert in Colorado springs, CO Mar 2017
"I'm at the early stage of apply for a loan and so far it is easy and convenient."  -  Barbara in Spring, TX Mar 2017
"Very smooth transaction."  -  Alan in Queen creek, AZ Mar 2017
"Thanks a lot for the financial help that was needed at that time"  -  Omar in Grapevine, TX Mar 2017
"Another easy seamless transaction!!! Thanks again CFS for your financial help!"  -  Samuel in Dallas, TX Mar 2017
"This loan really helped me out when I needed auto repairs. "  -  Eva in Oklahoma city, OK Mar 2017
"Very difficulty online payment experience!"  -  Bonnie in Tulsa, OK Mar 2017
"Quick, easy, friendly. I couldn't be happier. Thank you. "  -  Peter in Copperas cove, TX Mar 2017
"Thank you so much for making it so easy to go through this process "  -  Cynthia in Colorado springs, CO Mar 2017
"Second time I tried to apply was easy and quick, though I did get locked out my first attempt because none of the questions applied to me."  -  Zachary in Hutto, TX Mar 2017
"Quick approval and easy time applying for the loan. Thanks."  -  Alan in Littleton, CO Mar 2017
"Gracias por su apoyo, en momentos dificiles es como contar con un buen amigo."  -  Nestor in Hollywood, FL Mar 2017
"Thank God for this company, I had no other means to get emergency funding for car repairs."  -  Deborah in Dallas, TX Mar 2017
"The application process was secure, thorough, and did not take an inordinate amount of time."  -  Paul in Waxahachie, TX Mar 2017
"great company to work with and helped me out in a time of need"  -  Lucy in Fort worth, TX Mar 2017
"I am grateful for the help to get my van fixed. I was in now capable of paying to get it fixed, but I needed it for work. CFS helped us. "  -  April in Houston, TX Mar 2017
"I was very skeptical. However, I learned that CFS did not have hidden fees, no fees for paying off in full early and that kept a good experience for me."  -  Claudia in Dallas, TX Feb 2017
"Convenient and great experience so far!"  -  Robert in Yukon, OK Feb 2017
"Easy to apply and be approved and easy access to payment portal!!"  -  Anna in Boyd, TX Feb 2017
"When I needed help to pay for the repairs on my vehicle, CFS was there!"  -  Renee in Macomb, MI Feb 2017
"Great service and an excellent program. Thank you, CFS!!!"  -  Roland in San antonio, TX Feb 2017
"CFS was there when I needed them! Great company!"  -  Mark in Garland, TX Feb 2017
"these people are here for you, its a great service!! they honestly help."  -  Pamela a in Aurora, CO Feb 2017
"Love the platform you have build to allow us to manage our account and service it. It's very intuitive and beautifully done. "  -  Adam in Dallas, TX Feb 2017
"great company! You were there when I needed you, now its time to be there for you!"  -  Ross in San antonio, TX Feb 2017
"Truly helpful at a really hard time in life. "  -  Kevin in Dallas, TX Feb 2017
"very fast, outstanding service when needed!!!!"  -  Miranda in Antioch, IL Feb 2017
"Very easy to use and friendly employees."  -  Troy in Chester, TX Feb 2017
"I have loved the ease of payment and loan process since the beginning."  -  Carlos in Hidalgo, TX Feb 2017
"The payment set up was on point. "  -  Roy in Fort worth, TX Feb 2017
"Awesome across the board. Would recommend to any friend. Paid in full today & hoping auto pay successfully stopped. Thank you for saving my job!"  -  Colleen in St clair shores, MI Feb 2017
"Good help when needed "  -  Stephen in Whitewright, TX Feb 2017
"The loan saved the day. If I will definitely use CFS again."  -  Kristy in Fort worth, TX Jan 2017
"I only wish the interest rates were lower. Thank you, CFS!"  -  Lauren in Golden, CO Jan 2017
"This process was quick and fast!"  -  Kaz in Houston, TX Jan 2017
"Doesn't get any easier than this! Thanks CFS!"  -  Peter in Copperas cove, TX Jan 2017
"I'm glad you provide this service. It was fast, easy, and convenient. Keep up the good work!"  -  Jeffrey in Houston, TX Jan 2017
"Fast and easy, with workable payment options!"  -  Carmen in Chinle, AZ Jan 2017
"Helped me right away. I like how everything has been handled. Thank you."  -  Andrea in Cleveland, OH Jan 2017
"Exceptionally easy process! I'm not fond of doing things on-line and I'm usually not very successful at it because the processes are usually very laborious. I give CFS 10 stars!!! For the ease of use of your loan process."  -  Sherri in Oklahoma city, OK Dec 2016
"I Love CFS! You guys have helped me and my wife out of some really tight spots! Thanks!"  -  Richard in Quinlan, TX Dec 2016
"Better interest rates than I initially assumed! I'm so happy to have my truck fixed and I have CFS to thank for it!"  -  Delaina in Colorado springs, CO Dec 2016
"Never have used this before but I love it! "  -  Mackenzie in Wichita falls, TX Dec 2016
"Thanks to CFS I was able to get the work done on my truck and the process was easy and affordable."  -  Andy in Dallas, TX Dec 2016
"CFS is pretty awesome!"  -  Anthony in Houston, TX Dec 2016
"if you can not get in touch with the certain department, you still should be able to finish your application"  -  Frederick in New orleans, LA Dec 2016
"Please keep this as simple as possible. I work hard and it's nice to have help like your company that has my back. Don't make this service break the little guy. "  -  Emily in Caddo mills, TX Nov 2016
"This company literally saved us. Without their small loan, we wouldn't have been able to fix our car. Thank you so much for making the process painless, pretty simple, and straightforward. "  -  Edgar in Dallas, TX Nov 2016
"Great company to deal with. I'm thankful they are around as they are a godsend."  -  Daena in Yuma, AZ Nov 2016
"outstanding! Thank You!"  -  George in Detroit, MI Nov 2016
"excellent, honest service with no surprises, gimmicks or gotchas. I would use them again in the future."  -  William r in Conroe, TX Nov 2016
"One of the most professional organizations I've ever done business with."  -  Billy r in Austin, TX Nov 2016
"This is a wonderful credit fin. plan to pay for the service that you need right away but don't have the money up front to pay for it."  -  George in Miami, FL Nov 2016
"Thank You For The Loan and Easy Repayment Schedule"  -  Charles in Dallas, TX Nov 2016
"The representative walked me right through my issue. She was speedy and precise. "  -  Carmen in Chinle, AZ Nov 2016
"great company! take care of them and they will take care of you!"  -  Ross in San antonio, TX Nov 2016
"Jessica was great!! Very Knowledgeable!!"  -  Tamara in Longview, TX Nov 2016
"Really easy to work with. They let me know how to arrange the whole thing, interest and such upfront and never let me go longer than 12 hours for a response to any of my questions. "  -  Dalbert in Vancouver, WA Nov 2016
"confusing, i keep entering auto pay when i really want is to make a bank payment "  -  Francisco in San elizario, TX Nov 2016
"Convenient platform and great service"  -  Caleb in Golden, CO Nov 2016
"Great Payment Options, Easy To Use!"  -  Russell in Oklahoma city, OK Nov 2016
"Great Service ! Payments are fast and easy to make online! Thanks for being there when we needed you ! "  -  Dorothy in Houston, TX Nov 2016
"So far I have no complaints. Great Service!"  -  Sheila in Desoto, TX Nov 2016
"This company is a life saver! I'm able to drive my car because this option is available for those unexpected car repairs. It seems like it's taking forever to get my balance down but it's a lot better than the alternative. "  -  Maya in Redford charter twp, MI Nov 2016
"Very friendly and helpful."  -  Lanette in Oklahoma city, OK Oct 2016
"This was super easy and not at all stressful to do!"  -  Belinda in Aurora, CO Oct 2016
"So easy and convenient. I really appreciate the help."  -  Linda in North richland hills, TX Oct 2016
"Thanks for the loan... It really came in handy....I really appreciate it.... Approved in a matter of a minutes"  -  Teresa in Belleville, MI Oct 2016
"I think the service is great for my need."  -  Damion in Garland, TX Oct 2016
"Affordable payments on auto repair"  -  Juventino in Rowlett, TX Oct 2016
"The ease of using your program was great! Thank you"  -  Kirk in Dallas, TX Oct 2016
"its not even close to what i need."  -  Ednel in Orlando, FL Oct 2016
"thanks for your help I will tell all my friends about this great service...."  -  Danotiss in Pontiac, MI Oct 2016
"very easy application process. would recommend to any one. thanks"  -  Rickey in St. louis, MO Oct 2016
"Quick service. Easy application."  -  Charlie in Sandy, UT Oct 2016
"I have to say easy process, and a quick response. Thank You for helping get back on track with my vehicle!"  -  Rose in Dallas, TX Oct 2016
"thank you this is incrediable"  -  Kerrie in Chillicothe, MO Oct 2016
"BEWARE! Loan Orig.Fee! I called and was told no fees or interest so I got the card. Now I find a $20 LOF. Bait and switch!"  -  Lydia in St peters, MO Oct 2016
"Fast and easy way to pay bill"  -  Ray in Houston, TX Oct 2016
"Awesome service. Saved me from an embarrassment. Good job!"  -  Lovina in Austin, TX Oct 2016
"It has been a very good experience with you. Thank you so much for helping me out with the loan "  -  Sharon in Dallas, TX Sep 2016
"CFS provided me with funds to maintain my vehicle, and because I paid the loan off quickly, there was no interest. I am grateful to CFS for helping me with the occasional large expense involved in vehicle maintainance. "  -  Joseph in Austin, TX Sep 2016
"Fantastic service and just in time for my repairs!. Thank you CFS! You made my life so much easier"  -  Rita in Oklahoma city, OK Sep 2016
"Not one bit of trouble. paid off early, no problem with that either. would use again if needed and they let me."  -  Anais in Fort worth, TX Sep 2016
"A company that is very informative and does not leave any stone unturned."  -  Billy r in Austin, TX Sep 2016
"CFS came through for me, payment was reasonable and affordable. Fast and easy finance process."  -  Avery in Dallas, TX Sep 2016
"User-friendly website and great customer service. Most importantly, no harassing phone calls! "  -  Amanda in Spring, TX Sep 2016
"Thank you for giving me this option for an unexpected major auto repair."  -  Vicki in Edmond, OK Sep 2016
"Your auto repair finance platform is phenominal & truly needed in the consumer financial marketplace"  -  Mark in Daytona beach, FL Sep 2016
"Thank you for being there for me in the time of need. "  -  Jackie in Cedar hill dr, TX Sep 2016
"Great help when needed!"  -  Daena in Yuma, AZ Sep 2016
"Thanks for helping me with my car repairs, I know that I have CFS to help me again."  -  Marianne in Porter, TX Aug 2016
"CFS makes it easy to apply for loans and sends timely email reminders. Excellent service!"  -  Wendy in Colorado springs, CO Aug 2016
"Easy, fast, wonderful!"  -  Myriam in Pontiac, MI Aug 2016
"thank you for a secure, quick, and reliable loan."  -  Joshua in Austin, TX Aug 2016
"This is a very reputable and great company to use when in a bind to make car repairs."  -  Alicia in Oklahoma city, OK Aug 2016
"They were there when I needed them most."  -  Enmanuel in Round rock, TX Aug 2016
"I'm glad to finally pay you back so glad you were their when I needed the help to fix my truck and you helped even with my bad credit. and did not make me feel bad about that once more thank you very much Marina very happy customer"  -  Marina in Comfort, TX Aug 2016
"I'm so glad to have found CFS..came in handy!"  -  Daena in Yuma, AZ Aug 2016
"got most of the money i needed immediately, at the shop and the no interest option really saved us money!"  -  Joel in Arlington, TX Aug 2016
"Charged my account in advance."  -  Shannan in Dallas, TX Aug 2016
"Easy to use Info very clear and concise."  -  Judith in Midlothian, TX Aug 2016
"The loan tab has deceptive information which states that I can pay the balance off by 12/14/2016 as long as the monthly minimum payments are made. "  -  Patricia in Cypress, TX Aug 2016
"poor management, they lie, steal your monies from a 3rd party western union, and the round around about the issue."  -  Allen in Kirbyville, TX Aug 2016
"Very quick and speedy response. Thank you CFS for giving service customers options for those unexpected auto repairs."  -  Vicki in Edmond, OK Aug 2016
"If there was some way to pay additional amounts and have them applied to the principle, the rating would be 5 stars"  -  Thelma in Dallas, TX Aug 2016
"A life saver. I needed some repairs and maintance before a 4,000 mile trip. Thanks to them I got a loan approved to get the work done. Monthly payments are reasonable. "  -  Raymond in San antonio, TX Jul 2016
"They were a tremendous help with emergency car repairs."  -  Stephanie in Davenport, FL Jul 2016
"great company! I,v used them twice now."  -  Ross in San antonio, TX Jul 2016
"Convenient and quick response. Will use again."  -  Veronica in Houston, TX Jul 2016
"Love love the ease of having this loan! It made getting my Jeep back on the road so I can work my job possible and take care of my family! Thank you CFS!"  -  Kirk in Dallas, TX Jul 2016
"CFS allowed me to choose my pymts and explained loan very well on your website. I was very impressed with your professionalism!!!"  -  Billy r in Austin, TX Jul 2016
"Very helpful when needed!"  -  Katharine in Roseville, MI Jul 2016
"I was trying to make a payment online and the payment page was blank and there weren't any fields to fill in or icons to click on."  -  Jaunita in Saint louis, MO Jul 2016
"it no longer gives me the option online to pay with credit card..."  -  Debra in Lubbock, TX Jul 2016
"You helped me when I needed help."  -  Nancy in Austin, TX Jul 2016
"Very easy to use and very fast reply."  -  David in Temple, TX Jul 2016
"just wish it would allow the full pay off"  -  Cande in New braunfels, TX Jul 2016
"I have received great customer service here, I'm treated with respect as if they value me as a customer."  -  Norma in Dallas, TX Jul 2016
"Super Easy, Fantastic Options!"  -  Sara in Daytona beach, FL Jul 2016
"very good website and informative."  -  Billy r in Austin, TX Jul 2016
"My 2005 Chrysler 300 needed an engine. CFS help me out with an auto repair loan. I got the engine for my car I am driving again thank you CFS you are the best. Todd"  -  Todd in Harrison township, MI Jul 2016
"THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS!"  -  Marian in Colorado springs, CO Jul 2016
"Great service and good customer understanding."  -  Rosalinda a. in Beaverton, OR Jul 2016
"Thank you for the reminders"  -  Chris in East china, MI Jul 2016
"Paid one account off, never missed a payment ever and still turned down?"  -  Robert in Fort collins , CO Jul 2016
"Your Staff was very helpful."  -  Bruce in Commerce twp, MI Jun 2016
"Very fast Approval and zero hassle! Once I was approved my car was fixed the very next day!"  -  Brandon in Phoenix, AZ Jun 2016
"moe waz great so is cfs"  -  Stephanie in Dallas, TX Jun 2016
"So far so good. Just getting started."  -  Devon in Andover, MN Jun 2016
"Great job. You were a lifesaver."  -  Anthony in Arlington, TX Jun 2016
"Customer Service was very helpful in rescheduling my payments to meet my needs. Thank you."  -  Ethel in Garland, TX Jun 2016
"Thanks, for the help."  -  Carolyn in Dallas, TX Jun 2016
"CFS VERY convenient...!"  -  Sandra in Red oak, TX Jun 2016
"Quick and easy.....Thank you"  -  Pamela in Mt pleasant, TX Jun 2016
"SO EASY TO APPLY THANK YOU"  -  Robert in Seguin, TX Jun 2016
"would like to have a higher credit line."  -  Amelia in Macomb, MI Jun 2016
"Easy access when I needed it quickly - thank you!"  -  Tammy in Pflugerville, TX Jun 2016
"ez way to track and pay"  -  Todd in Phoenix, AZ Jun 2016
"Getting approved and making my payment has been so easy. I love CFS."  -  Daisy in Tyler, TX Jun 2016
"DJ's is awesome. Will be back. "  -  Derrick in Mabelvale, AR Jun 2016
"I would like to thank CFS for the opportunity of service.. I had a problem, they had a solution.. Thank u... "  -  Wilbert in Simsboro, LA Jun 2016
"good costumer services "  -  Jaunita in Perth amboy, NJ Jun 2016
"We appreciate you working with Trevor to get his pick up fixed by loaning him the money. Although, we had to pay the loan in 3 payments instead of 2, you made it easier for us to get the pick up fixed without any problems. "  -  Trevor in La junta, CO Jun 2016
"Your services provide an easy manner to pay for repairs without depleting your funds or placing one in a monetary hardship."  -  Frank in San antonio, TX Jun 2016
"Great CFS really came through for me in a time of need for my car repair(s) I reapply appreciate it! I would certainly recommend and use. Rates are very reasonable as well (IMO)... 2 thumbs up"  -  Lybia in Chicago, IL Jun 2016
"I am very pleased with the service and ease of online options provided by CFS."  -  Michael in Phoenix, AZ Jun 2016
"It's a good idea, but I have had nothing but problems since day one."  -  Eivan in Bellingham, WA Jun 2016