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With Confident Financial Solutions (CFS), you can borrow the money you need to fix your car and get back on the road.




LOANS FROM $350 - $7,500*

*The application generally takes 2-3 minutes. CFS will promptly fund the repair amount once repairs are completed and documents are executed. All loans are subject to approval pursuant to standard underwriting criteria. The CFS 60-Day Interest Free Program applies to approved customers who pay their entire loan off on time with no missed payments. Available amounts, terms and the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will be based on an evaluation of your credit history and your state of residence. The interest rate is fixed for the life of the loan and could range from 9.99% to 36.00% APR.

What our customers are saying

4.6 / 5 average customer rating

"Easy fast application."  - 
Adrianne in Pueblo, CO Feb 2015
"Easier Way to pay and Super Fast Notification of Approval. "  - 
Miguel in San antonio, TX Feb 2016
"honest and upfront, I will use them in the future and also recommend them to friends "  - 
William r in Conroe, TX May 2016
"Your customer service does not have patience with customers on the phone I have called 3 times and they rush you off the phone before you can even tell him exactly what you need they email you bad copies of what you asked for ."  - 
Mary in Dallas, TX Feb 2015
"They were there when I need them."  - 
Julius in Rosharon, TX Mar 2016
"This is my 3rd time using this service, and it is wonderful."  - 
Luke in Arlington, TX Jan 2016
"so far applying for a loan was fast and easy. seems like the payment plan is going to be what I need. "  - 
Terry in Mesa, AZ Dec 2015
"Easy to setup automatic payment. Thank you."  - 
Juventino in Rowlett, TX Jun 2016
"They were a tremendous help with emergency car repairs."  - 
Stephanie in Davenport, FL Jul 2016
"It made my car repair experience hassle free and the website is very easy to maneuver to make my payments. It really got me out of a tight situation. "  - 
Kristy in Fort worth, TX Oct 2015
"Very helpful and kind."  - 
Michelle in San antonio, TX Sep 2015
"BEWARE! Loan Orig.Fee! I called and was told no fees or interest so I got the card. Now I find a $20 LOF. Bait and switch!"  - 
Lydia in St peters, MO Oct 2016
"I was approved mintes after I finished the request. Awesome!"  - 
Amy in El paso, TX Apr 2015
"I was trying to make a payment online and the payment page was blank and there weren't any fields to fill in or icons to click on."  - 
Jaunita in Saint louis, MO Jul 2016
"it really was quick and easy. no hassles, drama free. thank you CFS. "  - 
Debbie in Garland, TX Apr 2016
"Easy financing and easy terms."  - 
Keith in Conroe, TX Jan 2016
"Thankyou for your service at time of need being approved for a loan to get repairs needed for my car CfS you are wonderful to work with ."  - 
Dyranda in Englewood, CO Aug 2015
"I'm glad to finally pay you back so glad you were their when I needed the help to fix my truck and you helped even with my bad credit. and did not make me feel bad about that once more thank you very much Marina very happy customer"  - 
Marina in Comfort, TX Aug 2016
"I appreciate the prompt approval and response!"  - 
Erica in Flint, MI Apr 2016
"if you can not get in touch with the certain department, you still should be able to finish your application"  - 
Frederick in New orleans, LA Dec 2016
"just wish it would allow the full pay off"  - 
Cande in New braunfels, TX Jul 2016
"Really fast, and easy to apply !!!"  - 
Rashawn in Denver, CO May 2015
"Approval was quick. Monthly payments very reasonable."  - 
Veronica in Houston, TX May 2016
"Very helpful and affordable."  - 
Brenda in Midlothian, TX Oct 2015
"Very helpful when needed!"  - 
Katharine in Roseville, MI Jul 2016
"My experience was excellent."
Carolyn in Killeen, TX Feb 2015
"The process and and ease with which my loan was processed was great. I was very pleased with the whole experience"
Peter in San antonio, TX Jan 2015
"my repairs are 2K, I have 1K and was hoping for a 1K loan. But I was approved for 500. :)"  - 
Tyson in Fort worth, TX Apr 2016
"confusing, i keep entering auto pay when i really want is to make a bank payment "  - 
Francisco in San elizario, TX Nov 2016
"Very easy to use and very fast reply."  - 
David in Temple, TX Jul 2016
"Great service, both in obtaining the loan and ease of payments. User-friendly website make payment process simple and quick; clear instructions, clean interface."  - 
Christina in Parker, CO Jul 2015
"Website is very user friendly and easy to navigate."  - 
Steven in Kingwood , TX Nov 2015
"Best program yet on mechanical breakdown financing....!!"  - 
Danielle in Dallas, TX May 2015
"Excellent Customer Service!! All my questions were answered!"  - 
Francisco in Greeley, CO Jul 2015
"Fast, easy way to get the needed repairs on my truck. CFS staff were extremely friendly and would recommend them to anyone!"  - 
Gregory m in Rowlett, TX Apr 2015
"Easy, fast, wonderful!"  - 
Myriam in Pontiac, MI Aug 2016
"Find my yelp review of your mediocre website here: "  - 
Joseph in Austin, TX Jun 2016
"Would like to set up recurring payments on Credit Card"  - 
Donna in Houston, TX Sep 2015
"Convenient and quick response. Will use again."  - 
Veronica in Houston, TX Jul 2016
"after the day I've just had.....this was the easiest application and loan I could have never imagined. I'm already planning on some more work on my car later."  - 
Steve in Austin, TX Aug 2015
"Helped me right away. I like how everything has been handled. Thank you."  - 
Andrea in Cleveland, OH Jan 2017
"It's a good idea, but I have had nothing but problems since day one."  - 
Eivan in Bellingham, WA Jun 2016
"It was very easy and fast. I had no problems with the any of it."  - 
Tammy in Hawley, TX Dec 2015
"Thanks, for the help."  - 
Carolyn in Dallas, TX Jun 2016
"Exceptional service and customer service goodwill."  - 
Cynthia in Salt lake city, UT Apr 2016
"poor management, they lie, steal your monies from a 3rd party western union, and the round around about the issue."  - 
Allen in Kirbyville, TX Aug 2016
"I am very pleased with the service and ease of online options provided by CFS."  - 
Michael in Phoenix, AZ Jun 2016
"Great Service ! Payments are fast and easy to make online! Thanks for being there when we needed you ! "  - 
Dorothy in Houston, TX Nov 2016
"User Friendly Dashboard, use my personal bank's Bill Pay feature which CFS post payment on the same date I scheduled to be received :)"  - 
Robert in Georgetown, TX Mar 2016
"Great Payment Options, Easy To Use!"  - 
Russell in Oklahoma city, OK Nov 2016
"Thanks for the help when i needed it"
Mary in San antonio, TX Mar 2015
"Never have used this before but I love it! "  - 
Mackenzie in Wichita falls, TX Dec 2016
"CFS saved the day when my daughter needed car repairs."  - 
Stephanie in Davenport, FL Apr 2016
"CFS is pretty awesome!"  - 
Anthony in Houston, TX Dec 2016
"Better interest rates than I initially assumed! I'm so happy to have my truck fixed and I have CFS to thank for it!"  - 
Delaina in Colorado springs, CO Dec 2016
"Obtaining the loan for my car repair was quick and easy. I'm able to make my payments at any time I choose before and on the due date. The website is easy and confirmations of my payments are sent to my email and through snail mail. Overall, very pleased!"  - 
Ramiro in Georgetown, TX Mar 2016
"Great service, quick and easy loan application process."  - 
Tamekia in Desoto, TX Jul 2015
"CFS came through for me, payment was reasonable and affordable. Fast and easy finance process."  - 
Avery in Dallas, TX Sep 2016
"This Process was easy and fast. It has been a real blessing to have this option for payment. Thank you. Thank you."
Tammy in Pflugerville, TX Feb 2015
"Your auto repair finance platform is phenominal & truly needed in the consumer financial marketplace"  - 
Mark in Daytona beach, FL Sep 2016
"thank you this is incrediable"  - 
Kerrie in Chillicothe, MO Oct 2016
"This was super easy and not at all stressful to do!"  - 
Belinda in Aurora, CO Oct 2016
"Very simple to apply and use."  - 
Ron in Fort worth, TX May 2016
"Great turnaround time for approval. I like the 60 day free financing, allowing us to fix our vehicle immediately!"  - 
Joe in Holden, MO Feb 2016
"Love This Company, Really helped me when I was in a bind."  - 
Robert in Weimar, TX Mar 2016
"Jessica was great!! Very Knowledgeable!!"  - 
Tamara in Longview, TX Nov 2016
"It would be helpful to include "Payment History" on the monthly statements. A return envelope would also be very helpful. Thank you."  - 
Arlene in Austin, TX Mar 2015
"Very professional. Smooth and efficient."  - 
Andres in Greenacres, FL Dec 2015
"A company that is very informative and does not leave any stone unturned."  - 
Billy r in Austin, TX Sep 2016
"wonderful business company!! "  - 
Lamisha in Round rock, TX Jan 2016
"You people had all day to get this taken care of. In 12 hours you failed to process a $500 loan"  - 
Richard in Irving, TX Mar 2016
"693 credit score and not one late pay or bad credit mark ever and you want to apply a 30% APR. I think the "as low as 9.99% depending on credit" is a scam."  - 
Monica in Allen, TX Apr 2015
"There when I needed help I've was overwhelmed trying to figure out how to repair the transmission in my Ford Escape. Just want to say thank you to CFS ."  - 
Deborah in Houston, TX Feb 2016
Marian in Colorado springs, CO Jul 2016
"The loan tab has deceptive information which states that I can pay the balance off by 12/14/2016 as long as the monthly minimum payments are made. "  - 
Patricia in Cypress, TX Aug 2016
"Quick and Easy loan process and terms. Website easy to understand and navigate!"  - 
Sara in Daytona beach, FL Feb 2016
"I only wish the interest rates were lower. Thank you, CFS!"  - 
Lauren in Golden, CO Jan 2017
"quick, easy, and painless!"  - 
Lisa in Colorado springs, CO Apr 2015
"CFS allowed me to choose my pymts and explained loan very well on your website. I was very impressed with your professionalism!!!"  - 
Billy r in Austin, TX Jul 2016
"You helped me when I needed help."  - 
Nancy in Austin, TX Jul 2016
"The most uncomplicated application I ever filled out, with awesome results bar none!"  - 
Cande in New braunfels, TX Jun 2015
"This helped me with the unexpected repairs. five stars from me."  - 
Mary l in San antonio, TX Feb 2016
"Super Easy, Fantastic Options!"  - 
Sara in Daytona beach, FL Jul 2016
"They were there when I needed them most."  - 
Enmanuel in Round rock, TX Aug 2016
"No one is answering the phone, and my service person doesn't know how to upload the repair order and cannot get anyone to answer! "  - 
Joseph in Austin, TX May 2016
"I'm glad you provide this service. It was fast, easy, and convenient. Keep up the good work!"  - 
Jeffrey in Houston, TX Jan 2017
"Awesome service. Saved me from an embarrassment. Good job!"  - 
Lovina in Austin, TX Oct 2016
"I made a mistake with the placement of auto care. Was able to call CFS and and change the placement of auto care. it was simple and easy. "  - 
Daniel in Hillsboro, OR Sep 2015
"Very pleased with this service!"  - 
Dixie in Gilbert, AZ May 2016
"Great CFS really came through for me in a time of need for my car repair(s) I reapply appreciate it! I would certainly recommend and use. Rates are very reasonable as well (IMO)... 2 thumbs up"  - 
Lybia in Chicago, IL Jun 2016
"CFS VERY convenient...!"  - 
Sandra in Red oak, TX Jun 2016
"Confident Financial Solutions allowed me to get the new tires I needed for my vehicle without the added burden of paying out-of-pocket at the time of service. "  - 
Vaso in Denver, CO Feb 2015
"great company! I,v used them twice now."  - 
Ross in San antonio, TX Jul 2016
"easy approval, easy payment, easy pay off. Glad my service department recommended."  - 
Roger in Greenville, TX Dec 2015
"no free debit card option"  - 
Daryl in Arlington, TX May 2016
"Paying Online is easy and convenient. Thank you! "  - 
Andres in Greenacres, FL May 2016
"The representative walked me right through my issue. She was speedy and precise. "  - 
Carmen in Chinle, AZ Nov 2016
"Not one bit of trouble. paid off early, no problem with that either. would use again if needed and they let me."  - 
Anais in Fort worth, TX Sep 2016
"easy process for car repairs"  - 
Dwanna in Detroit, MI Apr 2016
"This company literally saved us. Without their small loan, we wouldn't have been able to fix our car. Thank you so much for making the process painless, pretty simple, and straightforward. "  - 
Edgar in Dallas, TX Nov 2016

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